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The First WASP APP!

NO LONGER ABLE TO SEE or download this app in the app store as of  SEPT. 2017.  IT WAS a free download.

This first of its kind WASP APP will be GOING OFFLINE BEFORE SEPTEMBER, 2017, because of APPLE upgrade and ADOBE's change of policy for smaller publishing ventures--like our app.  It would be cost prohibitive to upgrade and publish it.  If you have a copy on your ipad, when you upgrade, it will disappear.  I'm so sorry!


The saddest part, to me is that teachers were using the app to teach the history of WWII and the WASP, and some were using it to teach Adobe InDesign--the program that was used to create the app. We also used it as part of our FlyGirls of WWII Exhibit;(


However, I am working on an ALTERNATIVE--perhaps in the ibook store or a stand alone download off our website. It might not be quite as interactive and cool, but the information will stay much the same. Meantime, excuse the construction. I will keep you posted.

The link to the app store still works--for those of you who haven't seen it-- you have about a month to download it for free.


This first of its kind WASP APP includes over 100 screens of memories, pictures, songs,  and videos, all woven together as the interactive WWII experience of WASP Deanie Parrish -- one of the pioneering Women Airforce Service Pilots,  the first women in history to fly America's military aircraft.


FLYGIRL WWII is a unique, interactive journey back in time when Model T's were the main form of transportation,  and America was slowly coming back from the greatest depression in history. Follow young Deanie as she grows up in Central Florida and, when she realizes that boys in her town are being taught to fly, asks the question,  “Why can't I learn, too?”  Deanie goes on to solo.   Eventually, the WASP are created.  When old enough, she is accepted and completes Army Air Force Flight Training in West Texas.  She graduates and becomes a B-26 air-to-air tow target pilot, training gunners (who are using live ammunition) for combat.


FLYGIRL WWII includes Deanie's most recent campaigns to shine a light on the little known history of the WASP -- thru her speeches and interviews by PBS, the Pentagon Channel, CNN, Fox News,  and her perseverance for WASP national recognition and acceptance speech  in 2010 in the US Capitol,  on behalf of all the WASP,  for the WASP Congressional Gold Medal.


Additional resources include scans of complete articles, the WASP WWII Timeline, and additional video clips.


FLYGIRL WWII is created and designed by Nancy Parrish,  as if in the words of WASP Deanie Parrish, with her full support and participation. A wonderful way to learn about a missing chapter in the history of women, the history of the Air Force, the history of military aviation, and the history of America.

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