About Us

Executive Director Nancy Parrish and WASP Deanie Parrish

at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony in March of 2010.

The heart and soul of  Wings Across America is two women -- one a WWII WASP B-26 tow target pilot and the other, her visionary daughter, working in partnership on a wing and a prayer.


Our Core Values:


Our faith, our love of our country  and our family are the bedrock of everything we do.  We proudly wave the American flag and support our troops.


We strive to  inspire others with the values of the WASP: honor, integrity, courage, commitment, patriotism, sacrifice, service and faith so that they might be lifted to 'fly' a little bit higher.


We will stretch the boundaries and continue to reach outside the box for new and exciting ways to continue our mission.


We will be good stewards and grateful for the gifts we have been given.


With God, nothing is impossible.


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