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Celestial Flight



by Elizabeth MacKethan Magid

in memory of  her classmate

Marie Michell Robinson


She is not dead --
but only flying higher,  higher than she’s flown before

And earthly limitations will hinder her no more.


 There is no service ceiling, or any fuel range,

And there is no anoxia, or need for engine change.

Thank God that now her flight can be  to heights her eyes had scanned,

Where she can race with comets, and buzz the rainbow’s span.


 For she is universal like courage, love and hope,

and all free, sweet emotions of vast and Godly scope.

 And understand a pilot’s fate  is not the thing she fears,
But rather sadness left behind,   Your heartbreak and your tears.


 So all you loved ones, dry your eyes,

Yes, it is wrong that you should grieve,

For she would love your courage more,

And she would want you to believe

She is not dead.
You should have known

That she is only flying higher,

Higher than she’s ever flown.




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