Since 1998, Wings Across America has been dedicated to creating projects that expand the opportunities to educate America with the inspirational history of the WASP.  These projects are ever changing and evolving.


Nancy's latest project is a new children's book, "Bishop Flies With the WASP of WWII," uploaded in 2019 and now available for download in the ibook store.


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Stay tuned for future projects to come, including:


     "FlyGirl of WWII"--the inspirational,  interactive story of WASP Deanie Bishop Parrish

      WASPSP 3-D artifact collection

      Online digital video archive

      Individual WASP showcase

      Animated WASP stories

      Virtual walk through of aircraft flown by WASP

      Virtual digital, interactive WASP Museum

      Virtual walk through of a typical day as a WASP trainee

      Online arcade games

      Interactive lesson plans for middle school and high school


Nancy Parrish, Executive Director & Site Creator


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